It might take a little courage to call, it will take a lot of effort in the gym, but you will be happy you did. Brysen is a great motivator. He helped me get mobile after two spinal fusion surgeries. I have lost weight and feel physically/mentally much better. I am glad I made the call. So will you.
— Jeff Diebert
In just 3 months of training with Brysen I lost 42 pounds and gained a lifetime of knowledge
— Tre, February 25, 2017

The last few months I have focused a lot on self-improvement and living a healthy lifestyle, with a good diet and consistently working out. I’m getting back into shape and it feels amazing. I’ve been working with Brysen French and I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have thought about making a positive lifestyle change to get in shape and finally do what you’ve been putting off, you could not have a better motivator, a better teacher, a better person to have pushing you and holding you accountable than Brysen. He works with you in a 100% positive way, he encourages you the entire time, and gives you praise when you do a good job. Our workouts, while tough, are fun and he keeps things fresh, focusing on building from the core out, creating a solid foundation both through physical work, and dietary advice, but also connecting the mind and body, getting your full body to work as one. If anyone in the SW Portland area is looking for a trainer to help get you started, or if you’re regular gym goer and need to change up your routine, do yourself a favor and contact Brysen. You will not regret it!!!
— Nancy

You could not have a better motivator, a better teacher, a better person guiding you and holding you accountable than Brysen
— Ryan W, March 8th 2017
My story begins: I had hip replacement surgery in March 2018 due to bone-on-bone arthritis. Although I’d spent months in physical therapy following the surgery, daily pain and weakness remained in the left side of my body. Removing pain with a wonderful, new hip only to limp in other painful ways was frustrating to say the least. I hadn’t exercised my body or taken care of myself in two decades, eating poorly and drinking too much.

To avoid seriously injuring myself and to gain strength with purposeful intention, I made the decision to try to find a professional trainer that could help me. I also wanted that person to have the skill sets to manifest my wellness commitment into a real lifestyle change journey.

Doing research online, Brysen French stood out of the crowd because of his multiple areas of expertise – as a professional fitness trainer with a degree in Psychology, and as a yoga instructor. Brysen is a great motivator because he is healthy, centered instructor and he’s genuinely enthusiastic about me showing up, about my life-health progress, as well as getting me as fit as I’m willing to put the effort in myself.

I’ve had the opportunity to incorporate yoga into my workout and healing process, which has been incredibly positive. In my journey with Brysen, I quit drinking and made smart diet decisions to reduce inflammation and detox my system. To heal. Like everyone, I don’t wake up every morning excited to go to the gym. But unlike everyone, when I get to the gym, I’m greeted with Brysen’s enthusiasm, exercise and nutrition knowledge, his patience in my recovery and, above all, his genuine interest in my journey to be well again.
— David M